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Ferdinand Gazendam

South Africa, Finance & Business Services

Ferdinand Albert Gazendam

Birth Details:

Date of Birth: 21-06-1958   Place of Birth: Pretoria

In Brief

Chair: Ster Century - Middle East; Chair: Ster Century - Europe; Chief Executive Officer: Primovie Management (Pty)Ltd, Johannesburg; Chief Executive Officer: Ster-Kinekor Films (Pty)Ltd, Johannesburg;

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Current Position(s)

Chair - Ster Century - Europe
(2000 - present)
Chair - Ster Century - Middle East
(2000 - present)
Director - Ster-Kinekor Home Entertainment, Johannesburg
(2000 - present)
Director - Knowledge Factory
(2000 - present)
Chief Executive Officer - Primovie Management (Pty)Ltd, Johannesburg
(2000 - present)
Chief Executive Officer - Ster-Kinekor Films (Pty)Ltd, Johannesburg
(2000 - present)
Director - Primedia Ltd

Previous Position(s)

Chief Operating Officer - Primedia Ltd
(2000 - 2001)
Managing Director - Teljoy Cellular Services (Pty)Ltd
(1998 - 1999)
Finance Director - Teljoy Holdings Ltd
(1993 - 1998)

Higher Education

Qualification -
Chartered Accountant of South Africa
Degree -
Bachelor of Commerce
Degree -
Certificate of Theory of Accounting

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